Breast Ultrasound Certification Exam

Online Examination Overview and Registration

Before You Register — Online exams are one step of the process to earn certification with ASBrS. Review the certification requirements before registering. There are two components to the certification process:

  1. Clinical Application
  2. Online Examination

The examination and the clinical application submission must occur within the same 2-year period. Applicants may choose which component to complete first. After registering for an examination, you must complete the exam within 12 months. Examination fees are nonrefundable.

Preparing for the Online Exam

Review of introductory breast ultrasound course materials is recommended prior to taking the exam. This material, along with practice experience, is the focus of the exam. If you attended the ASBrS-sponsored Introductory Breast Ultrasound Course but are unable to locate your syllabus, contact us and provide the year you took the course.

System Requirements

The online exam is accessible from any internet-accessible personal computer running the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge browser with JavaScript enabled. To test your system prior to registering, you may take this short quiz of related content.

Format, Scoring, and Results

  • 100 minutes to complete 75 multiple choice questions
  • The exam must be finished in a single sitting (no breaks or additional time).
  • Before starting, applicants must agree to terms found in the Candidate Attestation.
  • Access to scrap paper and a pencil is recommended.
  • The passing score is 80%.
  • Exam results will be provided by email approximately 2 weeks after your exam date.
  • Applicants who fail the exam may re-register and pay to retake the exam as needed.

Questions or Concerns?

Telephone: 410-381-9500 (M–F 8:30 am et–5:00 pm et)
Technical Support Email:

Examination Registration

Breast Ultrasound Online Examination Fee: $200*

*An additional $650 is required to complete all components for the certification application process.

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