Oncoplastic Surgery Certification (Level 1)—Clinical Application

Oncoplastic Certification Application
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There is a required minimum of 20 Level 1 breast oncoplastic procedures performed by the applicant during the past 12 months. All cases must include clinical photography of each case both pre-operative and 6 months or greater from time of oncoplastic procedure. Photographs are to include at least 3 different angles/views as specified. All reports and photographs must be directly from the patient's clinical record and cannot be reconstructed for the purposes of this application. NOTE: All photos and reports must be de-identified for patient confidentiality.

The following cases must be submitted within the online clinical application. The submitted cases will be considered representative examples of the applicant's clinical and technical performance of level 1 oncoplastic procedures:

5 Oncoplastic Cases

  • Crescent Mastopexy (no more than 2)
  • Donut/Circumvertical Mastopexy (minimum of 3)

Photos for Each Case

  • Preoperative with markings (at least 3 different angles/views)
  • Postoperative at 6 months or later (at least 3 different angles/views)

Documentation for Each Case

  • Operative report from the surgery — applicant name must appear on the report: Sample Report (PDF)
  • Pathology report from the surgery