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Session Title:
Ongoing Clinical Trial Updates
Date & Time:
February 20, 2024, 7:00 PM–8:00 PM ET
1 Hour
CME Deadline:
February 20, 2025
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Target Audience:
Surgeons with a special interest in the treatment of breast disease.
At the end of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Critically review recently reported clinical trials on breast cancer management.
  • Understand the implications of data from recently reported clinical trials for multidisciplinary breast practice.
  • Develop and discuss questions pertaining to incorporation of these new data into clinical practice
Review recently reported clinical trials and implications for clinical multidisciplinary breast practice.
Local Regional Trials
Mediget Teshome, MD, FACS
  • Sound (Jama Oncology 2023)
  • NSABP B51 (SABCS 2023)
  • IDEA (JCO 2024)
  • Alliance Z11102 (JCO 2023)
Systemic Therapy Trials
Rebecca Shatsky, MD
  • Katherine update (SABCS 2023)
  • Keynote 522 (NEJM 2022) & Currently accruing TNBC trials (ASCENT-05)
Hal Burstein, MD, PhD
  • NATALEE (SABCS 2023)
  • Positive trial (NEJM 2023)
Moderator—Jane E. Mendez, MD, FACS
Miami Cancer Institute
Miami, FL
Rosalinda Alvarado, MD, FACS
RUSH University Medical Group
Oak Park, IL
Dalliah Black, MD, FACS
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN
Daniela Cocco, MD, FACS
Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center
Phoenix, AZ
Tammy De La Melena, MD, FACS
Compass Oncology
Tigard, OR
Aye Moe Thu Ma, MD
Oakland, CA
Tanya W. Moseley, MD, DBA, FACR, FSBI
MD Anderson
Houston, TX
Emil J. Fernando, MD, FACS
Allegheny Health Network
Pittsburgh, PA
Gary Ko, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, CA
  1. Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy vs No Axillary Surgery in Patients With Small Breast Cancer and Negative Results on Ultrasonography of Axillary Lymph Nodes: The SOUND Randomized Clinical Trial. Gentilini OD, Botteri E, Sangalli C, Galimberti V, Porpiglia M, Agresti R, Luini A, Viale G, Cassano E, Peradze N, Toesca A, Massari G, Sacchini V, Munzone E, Leonardi MC, Cattadori F, Di Micco R, Esposito E, Sgarella A, Cattaneo S, Busani M, Dessena M, Bianchi A, Cretella E, Ripoll Orts F, Mueller M, Tinterri C, Chahuan Manzur BJ, Benedetto C, Veronesi P; SOUND Trial Group. JAMA Oncol. 2023 Nov 1;9(11):1557-1564. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2023.3759. PMID: 37733364
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