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Join us in commemorating our 25th Annual Meeting! We are assembling a compilation of memories, reflecting on how past meetings have advanced breast surgery and have shaped our society. We invite you to share a photograph or a brief written anecdote describing your favorite Annual Meeting memories and experiences. We plan to share these stand-out moments, significant experiences, and lasting impressions at our upcoming meeting in Orlando.

  • When was your first meeting?
  • How many have you attended?
  • Was there an important discussion that impacted your practice?
  • Or is there a session that you look forward to every year?

Please email your memory (300 words or less) or a photo from a previous meeting (with or without a caption) to by Thursday, Feburary 29, 2024.

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Peter Beitsch, MD
Peter Beitsch, MD, delivering an address in his iconic pink suit

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