Newly Published—Home Recovery After Mastectomy: Review of Literature and Strategies for Implementation

Authors—Kandice Ludwig, MD; Barbara Wexelman, MD; Steven Chen, MD; Gloria Cheng, MD; Sarah DeSnyder, MD; Negar Golesorkhi, MD; Rachel Greenup, MD; Ted James, MD; Bernard Lee, MD; Barbara Pockaj, MD; Brooke Vuong, MD; Sara Fluharty RN; Eileen Fuentes; Roshni Rao, MD; on behalf of the ASBrS Patient Safety and Quality Committee.

The COVID pandemic in 2020 effectively changed the model of healthcare delivery, as telehealth allowed patients to receive medical care from home, and many inpatient procedures were transitioned to outpatient. This included women with breast cancer, as many surgeons started discharging patients home on the day of mastectomy. The American Society of Breast Surgeons tasked its Patient Safety and Quality committee to review the literature regarding same day mastectomy and to provide guidance for surgeons who choose to integrate this into their practice.

The findings of this investigation are published this month in the Annals of Surgical Oncology (ASO):

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